Underwater fine art nude photography

December 8, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Welcome to LICHTFANG photography My name is Christian Zink and today’s subject is underwater fine art nude photography. under water First insights from the shooting with the beautiful Adriana Then I give tips for models. Here are some tips for photographers have fun! Since 1853 there are nude photos These photos have always been pros and cons. In painting it was rarely a problem The majority has always accepted it. There have always been people in photography who can’t tell the difference between an artistic act and pornography. That doesn’t just concern viewers Some photographers have the same problem I would like to give the models the following tips 1. take a look at the photos the photographer has taken so far Are these photos what you want them to be? 2. important point is a companion should not be a problem Don’t take your friend with you. many models then behave differently A good friend is ideal. 3rd point is, think. how does your environment react to the pictures? the pictures are always found. the idea: no linking and naming not useful we don’t do Facebook and Instagram You can forget all that. It’s no use. being found is the big question. 1. What do I do when my work colleagues find the pictures? 2. What do I do when my family finds the pictures? 3. What does my partner say? Almost always the reactions to my pictures are positive. I’ve never heard a model say, “I’m in trouble because of the pictures. But those who say: 1 or 2 idiots, but all found the pictures good. I think bad pictures hurt. No matter what you’re wearing or if you’re naked. Now a few hints for the underwater shooting Always have a preliminary talk a) discuss photos and b) also discuss the publication of the photos tell the model very clearly: there’s no ganrantie. that the photos of friends can’t be found. they are always found talk to her about it. Next point: Begin with simple poses. Someone who’s never been photographed in the nude is insecure. Let him take it off piece by piece. Take your time. Put something in his hand. underwater a fabric is good Above water a chair or door frame or the window frame that helps a lot. it makes them feel safer. … mmmh a clear language is very important you have to give hints It’s the photographer’s job to direct everything. the photographer says what the model looks like. he has the picture in his head. say what you want. Have an exact language. But not sexual:

An arm is an arm. a breast is a breast and a lady part is a lady part. (I hope the translation is ok.) Never sexual speechwise No sexual joke. no ambiguous offers, not to flirt. that’s unprofessional. Don’t touch the model, never touch a model You got a big problem once. like false pose and you have to touch ask before then only hand and forearm or foot and lower leg. never the body. This may be necessary underwater. Maximum under the knee! but only if I’m sure it’s okay. what’s okay? what’s okay?
Yes means YES No is always no.
no answer is also a no! respects their borders! I always have a female assistant with me. She helps me. she corrects clothes a bra has slipped, a fabric should be around the body That’s what the female helper does. I’m not touching. my photos should be graceful I want to portray the woman always sublime. sublime and graceful like a queen the viewer should think I desire them but I never get them. She’s a queen and I’m a simple man. Not my league I like that The people have to look at the picture several times. Then it’s good. It may have a sexual note. But only a small part It can’t be primarily about sex. Beauty must be in the foreground The image composition must be perfect and you must love it. Do you have any questions? Any suggestions? Write it in the comments give a like if you want. presses the bell to be informed at all times then you will be informed at the next video. Goodbye! Thanks for watching. Cio!