Why is the Font so Big or Small in Photoshop

August 19, 2019 0 By Peter Engel

Have you ever wondered why the font size is always so inconsistent in Photoshop? Sometimes you type in some text and then you set the font size to 12 PT or points but it’s not even close to being 12 points. And the text is so tiny that you can barely read it. Either times, 12 points is gigantic. So, why isn’t a tall point text in Photoshop the same size as a 12-point text would be another software like Microsoft Word. In this photoshop tutorial I’ll explain to you why that’s happening and how you can fix it. Alright guys so instead of fluffing the video and making you wait to the very end, let’s get straight to the answer why is the font size always different photoshop; the answer is because you didn’t set your document size or ppi correctly. This is a very common mistake that pretty much everyone makes. Let me show you how to fix it and then if you’re still interested, you can keep watching to find out why it happens. Here we have a document the size of a business card and when we type in some text at the 10 points font size which is what are printing company recommends, it looks tiny. To fix this, just correct your image size setting by going to image ->image size. Uncheck the resample option so it doesn’t change its pixel dimensions of your document. With this option off, if your document is 100 pixels wide they’ll stay 100 pixels wide no matter what web for height you enter. Now, enter the correct width and height for minus 3.5 x 2 inches, Photoshop will automatically calculate the resolution or ppi. So, you can just click OK to apply the changes. At first, it looks like nothing happened but select the text tool and then edit your text. You can now change the font to whatever size you want it and it’ll look like the proper size. So, that’s how you fix the inconsistent font size issue in Photoshop. But why does this happen when you’re using points as a measurement? Let’s say a 24-point text it’s going to be the same size regardless of what your document size is. So, a 24 point font on this business card is going to be the same size as a 24.5 on this letter size paper. I’m going to undo the image size that we did earlier and go back to the image size tool. Here, you can see our mistake. Photoshop thinks that this business card is 14 by 8 inches which is really large. If you were to print this, it wouldn’t even fit on a normal letter-size paper and I can prove this to you if we go to “File” ->”Print”, here you can see that Photoshop thinks the document is gigantic. Even though the pixel dimensions is only about 1000 pixels wide. Now, I’m going to go back to the image resize tool and fix the size. Now, when I go to print tool, it’s going to look like a proper business card size. So there you go guys, next time you encounter this one key font size effect just go to “Image Size” tool, enter the proper documents eyes and your font size will start working normally again. Hey guys, thanks for watching this video so that was a very quick tip on something that happens to pretty much everyone. But now you know why it happens, and how you can fix it. If you’re interested in more photoshop videos are just as quick as this one, then check out this video on how to find the hidden photographic 20 presets in Photoshop, there’s 39 presets already built into Photoshop and if you’re interested in finding out where they are, then click on this video to watch it. Anyways, thanks for watching again. Hope you guys have an awesome day. Let me know what you guys think in the comment and if you haven’t already make sure you hit the subscribe button below.